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Recettes à la bière

The 2 Caps

Real Blond Ale

A combination of strength and subtlety. A pure malt beer with a wide palette of flavours to drink as an aperitif or to be served with country-style cooking (mussels and chips, herrings, poultry, stews etc.).

The Blanche de Wissant

White Beer

A white, light beer, aromatic and refreshing, brewed with soft winter wheat and malted barley, Wissant White is ideal for drinking in summer, but also all year around to be served with fish, shrimps, crabs and so on.

The Noire de Slack


A black beer made with roasted barley, tonic and vigorating, with a well-controlled, slight but distinctive bitterness. Noire de Slack is perfect for beer-tasting and goes very well with smoked fish, oysters, and delicatessen meats.

The Belle Dalle "millésimée"

Vintage Blond Ale

Perfect for tasting, as an aperitif or an after-dinner drink. A high quality beer with subtle but powerful flavours which is the result of a unique recipe and brewering method. It is ideally suited to be served with cheeses washed with the same beer.

The Bière à Frometon

Philippe Olivier, cheese seller and Christophe Noyon, both farmer and beer-recipes creator, made up this high-fermentation beer. The balance between its fruity smell and its sweet bitterness makes this beer perfect for being served with strong cheeses from our region (Pays du Nord). Such cheeses will be sublimated with the “Bière à Frometon®”.

La Guénel

La Bière du gai Noël

Bière au goût puissant, bien aromatisée, la « Guénel » , élaborée suivant le style  et dans la tradition des bières de Noël, accompagnera naturellement les fêtes de fin d’année. 


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